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Archaeological evidence of massage has been found in many ancient civilizations including China , India , Japan , Korea , Egypt , Rome , Greece , and Mesopotamia.

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Steven feels the least Ashley's boyfriend can do is give his girlfriend a nice massage, however Ashley is very reticent to have anyone touch her body as she is saving herself for marriage and stands by that theology. Steven knows she is a special client and is going to do everything in his power to make her as comfortable as possible

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His lips closed around the tip, sucking.

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I just sighed, unable to resist the wave of pleasure drifting over me.

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Without a word, he supported my neck to help me sit up, removed my top and bra, and then secured my hands behind my back. He stared at my chest for a moment before reaching into the box again.

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Suddenly, he grabbed me by the waist and turned me onto my left side. He fell behind me on the bed, quickly pulling our bodies back together.

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I screamed, unable to close my legs due to his position or spread them wider because he was gripping my right thigh, holding it in place. Inside, I did clamp down, just barely stemming my release.

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