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A prominent Corporate Area high school is seeking to distance itself from a sex tape which has been circulating, allegedly involving a student and a practising teacher at the school. In recent weeks, a two-minute, second-long video has been circulating via various social media platforms, featuring a male and a female visibly engaged in sexual intercourse.

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Not wanting to give in just yet, I bit my lip, trying to tamper the inevitable mewling that always resulted from this kind of foreplay. But it was hard to keep my concentration with my head jerking slightly from shivers at each caress.

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His hips jerked as he hissed, making my smile broaden. I licked around the crown, teasing at the entrance and exit of his jewelry while my left thumb stroked gently at his base.

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Back at his place with full bellies, we sat on the couch and watched a classic Christmas movie on TV.

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" I hummed and twisted my hand, keeping the friction to a minimum.

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