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He told me that the walls seperating the booths went only to withing about 6 inches from the floor and that sometimes the girls don't close the door fully and he manages to take a picture of them.

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"Hmm, Holly. Does he bring you right to the edge?" He pulled his hand away suddenly.

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Shivers rippled up my spine at the feeling of his fingertips tracing my hips with the lightest touch. His breath caressed my upper back between my shoulder blades before his lips did.

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After the doctor gave me the news that I'd miscarried, I'd sat in my car for a good thirty minutes staring out at the parking lot but not paying attention to the people and other cars moving about.

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Maybe Chris didn't want to be a dad.

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Him, too.

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"You have to not let the crowd get to you.

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I planned to just sleep through the holiday and continue my ritual pity party. Maybe I could call in sick on Wednesday and take the rest of the fucking week off.

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