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I liked ham, didn't I. Then she rationalized, since there was no bird, there was no need for stuffing.

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"Thank you for being so concerned for me, honey. " He kissed me soundly then pulled back.

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Knowing they'd miss the two special days next month, I at least tried to convince them to wait to leave until after Thanksgiving.

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Just the simple pronoun had the green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head from a long slumber. His fingers tightened around mine.

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If I was one of those candidates, did I want to work there permanently manning the front desk. Maybe I should have finished college.

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But it wasn't until he ground his hard-on against my ass that I reached back and gripped the sides of his pants, my knees buckling. He stilled.

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Binding them with my hands palm-to-palm and leaving a loop sticking out above my fingertips.

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I watched him lick his lips, the dimple teasing me as it peeked out and vanished. His hands were on the move again and grabbed my hips, dragging me forward.

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Before I could speak, he tossed the clamps back in the box and stood, shoving his pants down around his ankles. His shirt was over his head and on the floor soon after.

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